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International baking master Siew Kok Wai nurtures Malaysian talents for international scene

International baking judge Siew Kok Wai has nurtured many Malaysian talents for both the domestic and international baking industry. Enjoying great renown as a baking artist in Malaysia, Chef Siew, the founder of Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn Bhd, has been practising baking aesthetics for many years, nurturing lots of new talents that have spread far and wide in national bakery chains, reputable hotels and high-end cafes.
Presently, with well-laid foundations and a well-run academy, Chef Siew is shifting his focus to the following matters:

  • The research and development, optimization of teaching content and materials to facilitate learning, so that students can master them faster.
  • Active incorporation of the latest knowledge and technology of international baking into the teaching materials to keep students in line with international standards and to flaunt their talents as newcomers in the baking industry.

Chef Siew has also been appointed as the Vice President and Chief Technical Adviser of the Malaysian Bakery and Sugar-Craft Industry Association.
In recent years, Chef Siew has been more active in association activities. He was appointed as the national coach to lead the baking elite team, representing Malaysia in a variety of international baking competitions overseas, and was also invited to serve as a judge for several international baking competitions.

  • In 2014, the Malaysian Bakery Association sent a delegation to participate in the ‘Asian Western Dessert Competition’ in Japan. Chef Siew was the technical adviser of the delegation in this prestigious event organized by Western Fruit Association of Japan.

  • In 2015, the Malaysian Bakery and Sugar-Craft Industry Association was invited to join the ‘City Bread Competition’ in Taiwan, with Chef Siew as the national coach and a member of the panel of judges.

  • In 2016, Chef Siew was appointed as the special national team coach cum Vice President of the Malaysian Bakery and Sugar-Craft Industry Association, with the special mission of training association members and leading the national team to overseas competitions.

  • In 2017, he led the Sabah Bakery Association team to take part in ‘Happy Dessert Competition’ in Taiwan.

  • In 2018, he participated in the ‘Second City Bread Competition’ as the national coach and a member of the panel of judges.