Dominant Teaching &

Optimized Education

Dominant Teaching

Hands-on teaching makes learning easy and helps you work independently after graduation

In the academy, students are taught exquisite skills such as cake designing, western dessert decoration etc. so that, upon graduation, they can match the teachers’ standard and light up the workplace, wherever they are!

‘Do’ and ‘teach’ are two different things. A splendid baker without proper teaching skills simply does not inspire learning. We have compiled an exclusive set of teaching techniques to inspire easy learning, so that our students can skip the ‘apprentice’ stage when they start work. They will be able to work independently and enjoy a bright future with their baking talents!

Optimized Teaching

Comprehensive and professional training to make you a performing artist in baking

With the baking industry going into an era of exquisite aesthetics, coupled with improvement in light delicacy culture and health awareness, bakers must, in addition to making delicious and nutritious products, exhibit a high aesthetic level in order to become a leader in baking aesthetics.

With this in mind, the academy actively nurtures students in artistic creativity, unleashing their aesthetic potential and encouraging them to create the most presentable baking products.