Good Teacher

We have international award-winning teachers that trasfer world-class baking knowledge and technology

Good skilful teachers

The academy has a team of good skilful teachers who have won numerous overseas awards!

The academy stipulates that teachers must be innovative in their respective specialties. They must show their achievements in theory or expertise every year. For instance, in 2009, our teachers jointly published a 160-page baking recipe. They also participate in international competitions and exchanges every year to absorb new knowledge in international baking.

Creative &

Besides their focus on teaching, our teachers are given adequate time to create, the results of which are shared with and shown to their students. This system effectively enhances creativity among teachers and, at the same time, inculcate creativity among students too.


Encourages competition & study tour

The academy encourages its teachers to participate in overseas competitions and study tours, through which they can broaden their perspectives, integrate new expertise and hence impart all this new information and skills in their teaching, so that our students in Malaysia can master international cutting-edge craftsmanship.