Thematic Teaching

International baking masters invited to teach top-notch baking expertise

Chef Siew Cake Art & Culinary Sdn Bhd is the first academy in Malaysia to invite world class baking masters to teach on a cintractual basis!

In order to keep up with the pace of international baking, the academy holds a ‘special course’ every year, where international baking masters are invited to come and give students wonderful thematic lectures and demonstrations, so that the latter can master solid baking expertise and stay connected to international baking.

For example, in 2016, we invited Chef Wu Jing, a world-renowned baking master, to deliver a 3-day thematic course on old French noodles, rustic noodles, French lemon cake and other exciting delicacies.

We were deeply honoured to get Chef Koichi Izumi, a famous Japanese master, to conduct a special course on world class bakery such as French desserts, Japanese cake, sugar craft etc. for a few days.

The two international baking masters came to our academy to deliver special theme teaching, which benefited both the teachers and students. Their baking expertise was not available in other schools. In the future, we will also invite famous baking companies from all over the world to offer special lectures to enable students to pick up the best baking skills.

Awards won by Chef Wu Jing

Taiwanese speaker Chef Wu Jing is the Sweet Bread Champion in an International Bread Competition.

  • Live Bakery Gold Medal in 2009 HOFEX in Hong Kong

  • Live Bakery Best of the Best Group Award in 2009 HOFEX

  • Sweet Bread Champion in 2011 Mondial du pain (International Braed Competition)

  • The Pride of Gaoshiung’ award from Gaoshiung municipality in 2011

Awards won by Chef Koichi Izumi:

  • The consecutive winner of the Inner Sea Cup in 2002 and 2003.

  • He represented Japan in Coupe De France (world class chocolate competition) and won the champion prize (the only Asian baker who won the honour)

  • Led the Japanese team to the U.S.A. and won the second prize in Phoenix World Pastry Competition.

  • * Mr. Kouichi Izumi is a versatile baking master, especially well-known for his sugar craft and chocolate art.